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Wife Should Not Allow to anyone


b. Not to allow anyone in the house without his permission.

           No women should fast while her husband is present except with his leave. No women should allow anyone in his house while he is present except with his leave...

This is when she does not know of the husband's pleasure in allowing the person inside. When she knows that her husband would not mind at all, then this rule does not apply. This is the usual practice. To sum up, an understanding of the husband's desire and permission should be considered.

c. Serving the Husband.

          The correct opinion in this disputed matter is that it is compulsory for the wife to serve the needs of her husband. Obviously, this will differ from husband to husband, but nevertheless, it still remains one of her duties.

d. Not to assume voluntary fasting without his permission.

          This is because the husband will not be able to enjoy her if he so desires during her fast. This applies only to voluntary fasting and not to compulsory fasting.

e. She should safeguard herself, his wealth and his children.

          The wife is the caretaker of the husband;s house while he is absent. The most precious belongings of any human being are honor, wealth and children, These items are a trust in the hands of the wife and she will be questioned about these. The Prophet MUHAMMAD (SAW) said: 
 "The wife is a caretaker in the house of her husband and she will be questioned about it."

This is sufficient information about rights of a husband.

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