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Rights of Wife over Husband


There are several issues here :

a. Ma-hr, or gift from the husband.

           The wife has the right to demand this from husband because God says:

                     "And give women their ma-hr as gifts."

b.  Expense and residence.  

             This is borne out by the verse:

   "And it is a duty for the father of the child to provide her (the mother) with food and clothing in kindness."

         "Lodge them where you dwell, according to your means."

Hake-em narrates from his father that he(his father) asked the Prophet MUHAMMAD(SAW) said: 
"To feed her when you eat; to clothe her when you wear clothes; not to hit her in the face, nor to be profane and not to separate from her except in the house."

c. Living with kindness and a good moral character.

           This is also something the wife can demand from her husband. God says:
                         "And deal with them in kindness."

The Prophet MUHAMMAD (SAW) said: 
"The best among you is the one who is the best with his            family, I am the best among you with my family."

    It is because of these mandates that we urge husbands to follow the noble Islamic method in their treatment of their wives. Even in the event of divorce Allah instructs us to be kind and not to follow sadistic temptations:

"Divorce is pronounce twice. Thereafter, the wife should either be kept in honor, or allowed to leave in kindness."

It should be remembered that people may choose to be too patient and lenient or too harsh and stringent. The middle path is the one to adopt.

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