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Right to sleep with Husband


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d. The right to sleep and live in peace.

          This may sound obvious, but there are those who either overlook this point, or ignore it. There are many men who come home late at night after having a "fun time" with their friends, and expect their wives to fulfill their desires immediately. They believe, or at least their actions suggest they believe, that the wife is merely a servant who cooks, clean, looks after the children and then presents herself for their enjoyment when they so desire. Men have been prevented from engaging in voluntary forms of worship to ensure that they do not ignore the psychological and  emotional needs of the wife. Worships is a virtue. Having a fun time with one's friends may become a sinful act.Husband wife love and sex romance

e. Education

            Perhaps thus is sometimes even more necessary for the husband to do than providing his wife with food and clothing. Especially when she has not had any Islamic orientation. This is in line with the practice of the Prophet(SAW), who not only taught his own wives but also allowed a poor man to give his wife education as her ma-hr. Many men are quite lazy and indifferent in this matter. May God help us.husband should fulfill the wife sex desire.

f.  The right to be kept in honor and dignity.

         This is one of the most important rights of the wife her husband. The husband should do everything to protect his wife's honor and dignity particulally in front of other people. There are animals in the jungle who are more considerate of their mates' honor and pride than humans. Yes, this does mean that there should be a certain amount of possessiveness.

The Prophet MOHAMMAD (SAW) describe the brother-in-law as being death so how can men justify their women mixing and mingling with strangers and others without any supervision.

So this is very necessary for men. The wolf will always devour the lonely sheep.

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