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What Men Want From Wedding Night Sex

7 Things Men Want From Wedding Night Sex

I recently read Charlie Penn's post on what women really want from her husband in wedding night sex. To provide the other part of picture, there are some points given below that men want from the wedding night.

Putting Right to the Acton

Forget the busy party trend. Your friend and family do fine keeping the party. He want to be alone with you, starting with the ride back to the hotel.

That Look in Your Eyes

If he is on his you can say that first-time or on his A-game, he is going to set the mood with some drink that is soft or hard, it depends on her choice or liking disliking with rose petals and some romantic music. His goal seeing that look in your eyes that tells him you can not resist him. it will come naturally so don't worry.


This is one of important and according to me it's a interesting, The only thing men love more than Lingerie is watching a women or hid wife take off lingerie.


Don't stop at lingerie. Contrary to what you may have heard elsewhere, guys do pay attention to heels, jewelry and polish. We love how you look wearing these accessories... and only these accessories.


Don't assume he wants to jump right into the action. The perfect way to rev up his engine is tease his, talk dirty to him and push him to the point of no return.


If you have already been sex,he might feel that he is seen of all your tricks. Surprise him with a "what was that?" moment to let him know the rest of your lives in the bedroom are going to be even more exciting than he could imagine.

A Moment to Take it All In

After the ride is over, take a moment to reflect on the day with him. This is the beginning of the rest of your lives. Till him how special the day was and have one last toast to the start of something beautiful.

Wednesday, April 2

Realistic approach to married life

A realistic approach to married life.

This issue can be discussed under the following headings:

a. A realistic attitude the ma-hr, reception and gifts.

There is no benefits in burdening the husband with extravagant ma-hr and imposing upon him to give a lavish wedding reception. In fact, it could very well be met according to the husband's financial capability. The wife (and the other members of the family) should not expect the husband to spend in excess merely because he is marrying her.

b. One of the better ingredients for a happy marriage.

On the wife's part, is not to pressure her husband into spending money on things he cannot afford. There should be patience in difficult times and content in prosperous times. The worst thing a women can do for her marriage is to rebel in money maters and create unnecessary division between them. The Prophet left his wives for a whole month when they demanded better living standards from him. he remained apart from them until God revealed: 

So the Prophet chose them and they reciprocated.

The husband should also be considerate and be generous in spending. He should avoid being stingy, for that is condemned. God says:

"Let the wealthy spend from his wealth. And those for whom Allah has restricted their provisions, they should spend from what ever Allah has given them."

c. Being realistic in expectations and avoiding fantasies.

Very few people live in this reality. Many couples paint a fantastic picture in their minds before marriage and assume their spouses to be something very similar to the spouses of Paradise. For that, they will have to wait. Moderate expectations from the spouse are commendable and each should try to accommodate the other's ideals as far as possible. The prophet (SAW) said:

"A believing man should not condemn (a quality of) a believing women. If he dislike one characteristics, he may well like another characteristic."

This is how God has created human beings. No one person is endowed with all the best qualities. A women may be average in beauty but excellent in faith and personality.

If perfectionists stopped and thought for a moment, they would realize that are unjust. Many of the perfections they seek do not exist in their own lives and personalities.
People would like to see certain qualities in them (the perfectionists), just as they would like to find their match. It may happen that a finicky person finds someone he likes after a very long wait, only to be turned down by the women because she dose not like what she sees. So they end up losing out in life totally.

d. A realistic approach in asking for rights and fulfillment of responsibilities.

Although the husband and wife have rights, it is not proper that they violate each other's right and demand unrealistic chores from each other. They should be very considerate and lighten each other's burden as much as possible.

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Rights of both Husband and Wife

The Rights of both Husband and Wife each other

The third type of right is common between the couple. No one is precluded from these. Those are:

a. Not to reveal secrets.

This is a general rule for both parties and both will be held equally responsible to upload the other;s confidentiality. The Prophet MUHAMMAD(SAW) said:

 "The women who will be the most wretched in status , in the Eyes of God on the day of  judgement, will be the husband who confides in his wife and she in him, and then he goes and reveals her secret."

b. Mutual advice.

This plays a big role in the development of marriage and the household in general. Spouses should should advise one another and even take t account of and check one another. It is a mistake to think that this role is reversed for the husband and the wife should tolerate the mistakes of the husband. Each should point out, with affection, the mistakes of the other and each should accept their own faults.

c. Mutual consultation.

This applies to the every day running of the house and family affairs. The husband should not belittle the advice and opinion of his wife, in case her opinion proves to be more practical and correct than his. 

d. True Love between the couple.

           Marriage cannot be successful without this. And although this is an issue which does not follow any rationale, each spouse should at least express love towards the other. The Prophet (SAW) used to offer words of love and affection towards his wives. We should follow him and not be shy or reluctant about the matter. Allah describe the houris of Paradise as being extremely compassionate towards their spouses. A marriage which is devoid of good and warm words is one that is bereft of any happiness.

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Right to sleep with Husband

remaining points of this Article ...

d. The right to sleep and live in peace.

          This may sound obvious, but there are those who either overlook this point, or ignore it. There are many men who come home late at night after having a "fun time" with their friends, and expect their wives to fulfill their desires immediately. They believe, or at least their actions suggest they believe, that the wife is merely a servant who cooks, clean, looks after the children and then presents herself for their enjoyment when they so desire. Men have been prevented from engaging in voluntary forms of worship to ensure that they do not ignore the psychological and  emotional needs of the wife. Worships is a virtue. Having a fun time with one's friends may become a sinful act.Husband wife love and sex romance

e. Education

            Perhaps thus is sometimes even more necessary for the husband to do than providing his wife with food and clothing. Especially when she has not had any Islamic orientation. This is in line with the practice of the Prophet(SAW), who not only taught his own wives but also allowed a poor man to give his wife education as her ma-hr. Many men are quite lazy and indifferent in this matter. May God help us.husband should fulfill the wife sex desire.

f.  The right to be kept in honor and dignity.

         This is one of the most important rights of the wife her husband. The husband should do everything to protect his wife's honor and dignity particulally in front of other people. There are animals in the jungle who are more considerate of their mates' honor and pride than humans. Yes, this does mean that there should be a certain amount of possessiveness.

The Prophet MOHAMMAD (SAW) describe the brother-in-law as being death so how can men justify their women mixing and mingling with strangers and others without any supervision.

So this is very necessary for men. The wolf will always devour the lonely sheep.

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Rights of Wife over Husband

There are several issues here :

a. Ma-hr, or gift from the husband.

           The wife has the right to demand this from husband because God says:

                     "And give women their ma-hr as gifts."

b.  Expense and residence.  

             This is borne out by the verse:

   "And it is a duty for the father of the child to provide her (the mother) with food and clothing in kindness."

         "Lodge them where you dwell, according to your means."

Hake-em narrates from his father that he(his father) asked the Prophet MUHAMMAD(SAW) said: 
"To feed her when you eat; to clothe her when you wear clothes; not to hit her in the face, nor to be profane and not to separate from her except in the house."

c. Living with kindness and a good moral character.

           This is also something the wife can demand from her husband. God says:
                         "And deal with them in kindness."

The Prophet MUHAMMAD (SAW) said: 
"The best among you is the one who is the best with his            family, I am the best among you with my family."

    It is because of these mandates that we urge husbands to follow the noble Islamic method in their treatment of their wives. Even in the event of divorce Allah instructs us to be kind and not to follow sadistic temptations:

"Divorce is pronounce twice. Thereafter, the wife should either be kept in honor, or allowed to leave in kindness."

It should be remembered that people may choose to be too patient and lenient or too harsh and stringent. The middle path is the one to adopt.

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Wife Should Not Allow to anyone

b. Not to allow anyone in the house without his permission.

           No women should fast while her husband is present except with his leave. No women should allow anyone in his house while he is present except with his leave...

This is when she does not know of the husband's pleasure in allowing the person inside. When she knows that her husband would not mind at all, then this rule does not apply. This is the usual practice. To sum up, an understanding of the husband's desire and permission should be considered.

c. Serving the Husband.

          The correct opinion in this disputed matter is that it is compulsory for the wife to serve the needs of her husband. Obviously, this will differ from husband to husband, but nevertheless, it still remains one of her duties.

d. Not to assume voluntary fasting without his permission.

          This is because the husband will not be able to enjoy her if he so desires during her fast. This applies only to voluntary fasting and not to compulsory fasting.

e. She should safeguard herself, his wealth and his children.

          The wife is the caretaker of the husband;s house while he is absent. The most precious belongings of any human being are honor, wealth and children, These items are a trust in the hands of the wife and she will be questioned about these. The Prophet MUHAMMAD (SAW) said: 
 "The wife is a caretaker in the house of her husband and she will be questioned about it."

This is sufficient information about rights of a husband.

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Rights of husband over wife

The rights of the husband may be summed up as follows:

a. This is a right that many men have waived by their own choice and deem such conduct as being good for the wife. This is wrong. This is because women, by their very nature, wish to lean on someone's shoulders. The Right of husband over his wife.

And even through many women love to boast in front of their peers about how obedient their husbands are, they still fill that vacuum of not having a strong foundation in their own house. In contrast, the women who complains that husband is too domineering will always know, deep in her heart, that she has the comfort of a strong husband to fall back upon. Perhaps I should elucidate this with an example. Right of husband over his wife.

When a certain town or country loses control over its security the towns-people can do whatever they like. There is no psychological reassurance and therefore the fear of violence always lingers in the air. In contrast, when a certain town or country is controlled by strict security measures and leadership, even those who detest the government will feel safe secure.How to satisfy husband?.

So when men relegate themselves from the position of supervision, they are not actually ding women any favors. In fact, they are doing them a great disservice. The Prophet MOHAMMAD (SAW) spoke the truth when said:
"No nation can prosper when they relinquish their authority to a women." 

I believe that when women asks her husband to be firm and fulfill his role as a supervisor - just as she demands him to spend on her - her request will be a source of stability to the family.

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wife should fulfill the rights of husband and husband should satisfy his wife by doing intercourse and love female sex satisfaction.

Tuesday, April 1

Ingredients For A Happy Marriage

I would now like today your attention to those factors which make a marriage work effectively. I will  use real example so that it becomes more comprehensible. In brief, a happy marriage should have the following ingredients or points:

  1. Elements that should be considered before marriage for Satisfied Life

  2. Fulfilling martial responsibilities and  How to make a good sex with wife and how to satisfy a women in sex
 3. A realistic approach to married life and  unmarried and married men/women
 4. An understanding of the spouse's psychological frame of mind and unmarried and married men/women
  5. Children and  unmarried and married men/women

 6. Good relationship with other people and  sexually satisfied , sexually unsatisfied
  7. The ability to solve problems and how to satisfy a women in sex

 8. Miscellaneous issues  and how to intercourse with women
   I will shed some light on all these issues and, as much as possible, I will try to be brief, unless it is necessary to elaborate.

1. Elements that should be considered before marriage; 

The Prophet of God said

                          "A women is married for one of four reasons: for her beauty, her wealth, her genealogy or her faith."  

                            So be successful with a women of faith. May God bless you. No one disagrees that the right choice has to be made. The issue is what constitutes a good choice. Many people give importance to beauty priority over faith. Faith is the most important criterion in the choice of spouse. And just as men are advised to make a god choice for bride.

2. Fulfilling martial responsibilities;

              This issue of has many point of discussion. I will try and run through them in brief. The issue is really summed up by two verses of the Holly Book: "And treat them with kindness",  "They have many rights as duties with kindness" There are three types of rights are involved. The first is the right of the husband over the wife. The basis of this is found in the verse:

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1. successful marriage life


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