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Ingredients For A Happy Marriage


I would now like today your attention to those factors which make a marriage work effectively. I will  use real example so that it becomes more comprehensible. In brief, a happy marriage should have the following ingredients or points:

  1. Elements that should be considered before marriage for Satisfied Life

  2. Fulfilling martial responsibilities and  How to make a good sex with wife and how to satisfy a women in sex
 3. A realistic approach to married life and  unmarried and married men/women
 4. An understanding of the spouse's psychological frame of mind and unmarried and married men/women
  5. Children and  unmarried and married men/women

 6. Good relationship with other people and  sexually satisfied , sexually unsatisfied
  7. The ability to solve problems and how to satisfy a women in sex

 8. Miscellaneous issues  and how to intercourse with women
   I will shed some light on all these issues and, as much as possible, I will try to be brief, unless it is necessary to elaborate.

1. Elements that should be considered before marriage; 

The Prophet of God said

                          "A women is married for one of four reasons: for her beauty, her wealth, her genealogy or her faith."  

                            So be successful with a women of faith. May God bless you. No one disagrees that the right choice has to be made. The issue is what constitutes a good choice. Many people give importance to beauty priority over faith. Faith is the most important criterion in the choice of spouse. And just as men are advised to make a god choice for bride.

2. Fulfilling martial responsibilities;

              This issue of has many point of discussion. I will try and run through them in brief. The issue is really summed up by two verses of the Holly Book: "And treat them with kindness",  "They have many rights as duties with kindness" There are three types of rights are involved. The first is the right of the husband over the wife. The basis of this is found in the verse:

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1. successful marriage life

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