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How to live a Successful Marriage Life


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Our subject concerns a very important aspect of social life. This is why I would like to present a gift to all those who are getting married - and in fact, to everyone in general. A gift, as you all know, is an expression of true love and gifts also breed happiness in the heart of both spouses. Although, in everyday life, people are used to receiving material gifts, I will offer you a meta-physical gift (choosing the permanent over the perishing).

 I would to tackle the issue of marriage which is an issue that many young men and women are concerned about. I pray that God  makes this endavour a means to bring about happiness for them in both worlds. God  assumes responsibility for that and He is also quite Capable of making that a reality.

There are certain factors that have prompted me to speak on this issue. I will mention those first.

1. This importance of this issue:      

                                                A happy and successful marriage is a necessary goal for anyone who is either already married or is thinking about it.

2.Frequent martial argument and fights that lead to separation:                                                                                          
                       This is not exclusive to our communities is a phenomenon that prevails - with staggering statistics - throughout the world. For instance the divorce rate in the USA is 58%; in Germany 45%; in some parts of Europe and in some states in states in USA it has reached 70% and in some Arab states it has reached 20%. Then, there are so many families that live with the turmoils of conflicts and arguments.

3. A stable and secure family will produce generations  who can carry the message:   
        We desperately need pious young men and believing women who  are raised  an environment of happiness, not in one of disruption and disunity. Children can then grow up in a healthy and pleasant climate and instead of having to cope with family tensions. These households will produce invitors and reformers.

I have consulted experts in this field (of marriage  and I have also a books entitled: "Ingredients for a happy marriage and Orientation of Marriage". I will enumerate these ingredients briefly and emphatically.

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Some important headings are...

1. live successful marriage life

2. satisfaction from sex

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7. female sex orientation

1. How to live a Successful Marriage Life
2.How to live a Successful Marriage Life

3.How to live a Successful Marriage Life


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