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Rights of both Husband and Wife


The Rights of both Husband and Wife each other

The third type of right is common between the couple. No one is precluded from these. Those are:

a. Not to reveal secrets.

This is a general rule for both parties and both will be held equally responsible to upload the other;s confidentiality. The Prophet MUHAMMAD(SAW) said:

 "The women who will be the most wretched in status , in the Eyes of God on the day of  judgement, will be the husband who confides in his wife and she in him, and then he goes and reveals her secret."

b. Mutual advice.

This plays a big role in the development of marriage and the household in general. Spouses should should advise one another and even take t account of and check one another. It is a mistake to think that this role is reversed for the husband and the wife should tolerate the mistakes of the husband. Each should point out, with affection, the mistakes of the other and each should accept their own faults.

c. Mutual consultation.

This applies to the every day running of the house and family affairs. The husband should not belittle the advice and opinion of his wife, in case her opinion proves to be more practical and correct than his. 

d. True Love between the couple.

           Marriage cannot be successful without this. And although this is an issue which does not follow any rationale, each spouse should at least express love towards the other. The Prophet (SAW) used to offer words of love and affection towards his wives. We should follow him and not be shy or reluctant about the matter. Allah describe the houris of Paradise as being extremely compassionate towards their spouses. A marriage which is devoid of good and warm words is one that is bereft of any happiness.

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