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Rights of husband over wife


The rights of the husband may be summed up as follows:

a. This is a right that many men have waived by their own choice and deem such conduct as being good for the wife. This is wrong. This is because women, by their very nature, wish to lean on someone's shoulders. The Right of husband over his wife.

And even through many women love to boast in front of their peers about how obedient their husbands are, they still fill that vacuum of not having a strong foundation in their own house. In contrast, the women who complains that husband is too domineering will always know, deep in her heart, that she has the comfort of a strong husband to fall back upon. Perhaps I should elucidate this with an example. Right of husband over his wife.

When a certain town or country loses control over its security the towns-people can do whatever they like. There is no psychological reassurance and therefore the fear of violence always lingers in the air. In contrast, when a certain town or country is controlled by strict security measures and leadership, even those who detest the government will feel safe secure.How to satisfy husband?.

So when men relegate themselves from the position of supervision, they are not actually ding women any favors. In fact, they are doing them a great disservice. The Prophet MOHAMMAD (SAW) spoke the truth when said:
"No nation can prosper when they relinquish their authority to a women." 

I believe that when women asks her husband to be firm and fulfill his role as a supervisor - just as she demands him to spend on her - her request will be a source of stability to the family.

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